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The personal and modern exhibition within Carbon Capture, 4th of June in Malmo

The Nordic CCUS Exhibition

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Study Visit

Visit Sysav waste-to-energy plant! 

The SYSAV waste-to-energy plant is one of the most energy-efficient plants in Sweden, as well as being one of the most advanced plants in the world. The plant includes four boilers, the first two of which began operation in 1973. The two advanced boilers, fitted in 2003 and 2008 respectively, are steam boilers that generate electricity and district heating. The capacity of the plant is 650,000 tonnes of waste annually.

* There will be a limited number of seats available for the study visit.

The Nordic CCUS Exhibition

The Nordic Carbon Capture Expo is an event that highlights the increasing role of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage in the transition to a netzero carbon economy. Leading international delegates will discuss and show the latest advancements in carbon capture, storage, and transport technology, as well as innovative ways to use CO2 to produce netzero fuels and for other manufacturing processes. Additionally, the event will explore financing perspectives and carbon credits!

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